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'Brunette Love' xx

Have you been brunette all of your life? A little bit of a scaredy cat to have anything different? If you are looking for a soft change, Sabúki Salon's soft lightening technique is for you.

Going lighter doesn't mean it has to be high maintenance, damage your hair or have a base colour with stripes or chunks of light contrasting no, no, needs to be soft, soft, soft!!! There are ways to achieve light shimmers of colour without dramatically lightening your whole head. Having some light colours threaded through can soften someones look, enhance the base shade and help make you feel overall fresher.

Choosing the right shade of light is the MOST important thing. We all have different toning in our skin and toning in our hair. During your appointment we start with a full consultation, showing pictures and asking a series of questions. We carefully analyse each of our clients hair, condition is our main priority when colouring hair.

The tones of brunette is endless, here are some examples of our work with soft light shimmers.

They say Blondes have fun...............We say Brunettes do too, that's for sure!!

Have a great day,

Love The Sabúki Girls


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