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Look After Your Hair During Summer!

With the hot weather knocking at our door. In true Australian style we swim, tan and wash our hair a little more than usual.

Then comes dry, chlorinated and faded brassy hair. So what do we do.....we all should be able to enjoy Summer living without posing issues to our hair RIGHT!?

The Sabúki Girls would love to introduce the fabulous System Professional line - Solaris to you!! `

Solar Hair & Body Shampoo

For an active & outdoor lifestyle. Gently moisturises hair and body, removing sunscreen, salt & Chlorine residue. With energy code for responsive hair.

Solar Hydro Repair Cream

For sun salt & chlorine exposed hair. Immediately moisturises & help repair sun damaged hair for a silky feel & shine. With energy code

Solar Sun Oil

For sun, salt and chlorine exposed hair. Formula with blend of oils & high performance UV filtering. Nourishes hair from the sun for lasting smoothness.

Solar Sealing Cream

For sun, salt and Chlorine exposed hair. Deeply nourishes hair and helps coat it with a protective layer against copper and activated free radicals

Solar Helio Spray

For all hair types. Non-greasy water resistant spray protects hair from sun damage with high-tech UV filters.

We can honestly say, with this range your hair/colour will be significantly better off come Summer and swimming time. We understand great hair is an investment. And to see/hear people compromising their hair to the harsh waters and sun is concerning. Our priority is that our clients love their hair and their colours and styles are lasting as long as possible.

If this sounds like something for you, come and talk with one of The Sabúki Girls.

They'd love to assist you.

Happy Sunday Lovelies X

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