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Dry Scalp and Skin..

With the change of season comes change in fashion, make up and hair....and the change in our poor scalps!

Change in scalp conditions - dry flaky scalp is very common for the cooler months though there's no need to worry, generally it's dry scalp not dandruff. When the cool icy air hits and the blast of warm air from the heater along with the change in season, causes skin to become dry and scaly.

You may be experiencing this - and you're probably asking yourself what is the best this to do?! -

The first point of call is addressing what shampoo and conditioner you are using. Using something like the 'Balance Scalp' will rectify the dryness and hydrate the scalp and bring the PH level back to exactly where it needs to be.

During the winter months a heavier conditioner/mask is always preferable - and always use a heat/thermal protector after every wash.

If you have any concerns about your scalp or condition of hair The Sabuki Girls are always here to help and be accommodating to your every need.

Have a lovely Tuesday afternoon!

Love The Sabuki Girls xx

The best thing to do is change up what you are using in the shower to wash your hair. We suggest 'Balance Scalp' by System Professional. It does exactly that, balances the scalp moisture and brings the PH level back to where is needs to be.

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