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We Are Open This Friday! 29th September

Every year us hairdressers watch friends and family enjoy Grand Final Day. It's a relativity quiet day in the salon. And whether you follow the footy or not it's a very 'Melbourne thing to do' Have a catch up and enjoy watching the footy.

This year and every year Sabúki Salon will now be closed on the Saturday that hosts - Grand Final Day and open the Grand Final public holiday. It's all about convenience for our clients and my team.

After all... who doesn't love a long weekend?!

So if you are due for some colour there are only a couple of appointments free this Friday. Do it while someone can assist looking after the kiddies or if you feel like a little pamper before the busy season approaches.

And which ever team you barrack for, may the best team win.

Most of all enjoy time with friends and family!

Enjoy your long weekend,

Love The Sabúki Girls x

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