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A Visit to the Salon has never been so Relaxing!

We would like our clients' experience whilst visiting Sabúki Salon to be relaxing and indulgent. Helping our clients feel good about them self and their hair is top priority to all of us!

We are conscious about the length of time our clients spend with us and understand everyone is pretty busy these days. To assist with lack of time and skipping meals, we have teamed up with the FABULOUS and well known restaurant 'Limoncello'. We have a lovely food menu where you can choose breakfast or lunch. We order and have it delivered to you, you can enjoy something tasty whilst your having your hair looked after. It's one less thing you have to think about or try to add into your day.

We have Wifi for our clients to connect to. If you are taking time out of your working day you can catch up on emails and work while sitting and having your hair looked after. It's a help for some people who want to feel productive for the hours spent in the salon.

If coming to the salon is 'your time out'. You can just sit relax, read latest magazines and have a sip of a nice beverage. We have a long list on our 'Drinks Menu' - your pick might be our beautiful Signature Sabúki Cocktail. It appears regularly around the table while our clients' colours are processing on a Thursday night, Friday Afternoon and sometimes late on a Saturday Morning!! It's refreshing and tasty! If you haven't tried it, we all suggest you do!!

Our clients mean a lot to us, we want to look after them and make them feel fabulous while visiting us!

If you come to Sabúki Salon we hope your time with us is enjoyable and a relaxing experience! Though most of all we hope you love your hair and feel great about yourself!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love The Sabúki Girls


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