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Protein for Hair - The Good and The Bad

We love getting the health of your hair back on track. This picture is the perfect example of a lady who came to us with breakage and damage throughout her hair. Two small pictures - First visit before and after. Large picture is second visit, hair is smooth, shiny and healthy.

Firstly we ask what products were being used at home. This helps us understand how our clients are caring for their hair. The product being used was a high protein base. Protein is great for strengthening hair and recommended to be used in short bursts, however when used for a long period of time this can work against hair. Protein is designed to strengthen weak hair. Once the protein has done its' job it is then time to use something more moisture based, to soften and enhance flexibility in hair. Too much protein can make the hair brittle and therefore easy to snap.

We always suggest to alternate Shampoo, Conditioner and Masks. Once products have done their job it's time to move on to what your hair is in need of. Our hair is continually changing throughout our life - Age, Maternal Change, Hormones, Stress and of course Environmental Causes.

Sometimes tweaking the home care is all you need. It can make a huge difference to how you hair feels and looks. The desired colour may not be achievable due to the condition of your hair. Once we put you on a Health and Progress Plan it makes our job easier to achieve the look you are wanting.

Hair is as good as the condition we have to work with. Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Result!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Love The Sabúki Girls


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