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Want lighter hair? We can help get you there...

We are all about change at Sabúki Salon. If our clients want to look different depending on seasons we are all up for it!

Are you wanting to go lighter for Summer? (We know it feels like ages away though in 'Hair World' the time to start is now.)

As shown in the picture, it can be a real process. The condition of our clients' hair is top priority! They say 'Slow and steady wins the race'. We couldn't agree more!

If your dream is to be lighter or blonde this Summer, come and talk with one of us at Sabúki Salon. We will put a plan in place for you to achieve the lightest possible result, whilst keeping your hair in optimum condition. The one thing we always say - Patience is the key. We hope to make the journey along the way enjoyable for you!!

Have a lovely Sunday!!

Love The Sabúki Girls xx

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