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The Sabúki Team never stop learning...

We love to train and practice new looks. We are always thinking seasons ahead. When it comes to look predictions we want to be at the forefront and up to date with latest trends and looks.

Tuesday morning was one of those exciting mornings for us at Sabúki Salon. We can never be too prepared for the Spring Rush, Fresh Cuts and Colours, Spring Carnival and the beginning of some beautiful weather.

The master of Hair up and Styling - 'Dani North' lead the girls Tuesday morning with some new techniques, fun different ways to use product and not to be scared of being super creative and playful.

Training is a big part of the Sabúki Salon couture. We have all been in the industry for many years though believe fashion is always evolving and moving forward therefore we must keep up. Watching fashion TV, getting inspiration from our peers, keeping a close eye on celebrities and the European Runway are just some of the many things we do. Creating new 'Look Books' for our clients and inspiration boards are some of the fun things we do as a team. Keeps are days exciting and fun!

We Thank You Dani! It was a fun, creative morning! Can't wait to show case the beautiful looks on our clients!

Happy Hump Day!!

Love The Sabúki Girils


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