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What is a Toner? How long does it last?

This is a question we are asked regularly.

After we take out your foils, you will hear us say 'Please excuse me, I'll be back in a moment with your toner' Firstly - no need to panic and secondly everyone who has a foil service in our salon has a toner to complete the colour service. It's a top coat for your hair as you would apply for your nails. Toner enhances the shine, tone out brassiness and deposits colour to your hair.

Toners' lasting power all depends on lifestyle, how often you wash and the product you use to wash your hair. If you are a beach goer or swim a lot you'll find the toner will wash out faster than someone who washes their hair once or twice a week. For our ladies who wash their hair more frequently or find the brassy tones appear fast - we recommend our fabulous Wella SP 'Silver Blonde' this shampoo is tone depositing and can assist with longevity of your colour. We can not keep this product on the shelf, as it sells out very fast. Anyone who has used this shampoo agrees that it is one of the best!!

Toners complete our colour services and enhance shine and condition of your hair. While some salons may not recommend them, we feel it's an essential part of our colouring service. If you don't need 'colour added to the toner' we will still apply a clear gloss. It will enhance our work beautifully.

If you aren't due to visit the salon for your complete colour appointment though have a function or feel like a 'mini freshen up' book in for a toner. It'll rejuvenate the colour in your hair and make you feel fresh again. (It may even extend the time between visits to the Salon too!!)

Have a lovely Sunday Evening!!

Love The Sabúki Girls


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