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New Year...New You!

As a busy mum I can appreciate the relief when children go back to school. I know my 3 aren't school age, however being around busy mums all day I can feel the stress levels rise toward the end of Christmas school holidays. It's long, it can be expensive and let's face it the kiddies are hanging to see their little friends to play and catch up. Routine can be a great thing after all...

It's time for school, which means it's now time for you! The Sabúki Girls and I have had a wonderful busy two weeks back and can feel some of our clients are looking for change. We are putting new maintenance plans in place for poor dehydrated summer hair and fresh ideas for the keen.

If you are feeling a little post holiday blue come on in have a chat to one of us. With a little help we endeavor to make your New Year match a New You!! Just tweaking a little might be all you are looking for.

We are here and excited to make your hair and day great!!


The Sabúki Girls! X

(Consultations are one today)

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