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The count down begins...

For anyone who knows me - Christmas for me is the most exciting time of year! The carols, the decorations, the food and drink, the Christmas Spirit and the super busy though fun days in the salon! I just love it!!!

With only 7 weeks to go the time is going by super fast! I wanted to let people know we DO have a waiting list every day we are open as the days leading up to Christmas in the salon are pretty booked! We do urge our clients to book appointments in as soon as they can to avoid disappointment in not being able to get in. However we must say the waiting list works and we are all over making sure we do everything we can to fit our clients in.

I have also decided to close the salon from 1st - 17th January 2017. I'm sure the Sabúki Girls agree we will all need some time to recharge the batteries! It's traditionally a quiet time Bayside and I thought we'd take the opportunity to enjoy some sunshine and family time ourselves.

We have the books well and truly open for when we get back, so if you're looking for a Mid-Summer freshen up we will be ready to look after you!

If you need to make any appointments please call 95983877 or email us

We look forward to seeing you for your special Christmas look!

Have a lovely Monday evening!


Bilie xx

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