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Spring / Summer Warmth 2016-2017

With Winter nearly over (YAY) we are always focusing on the trend and fashion to come.

The team @ Sabúki Salon feel warmth and rose copper tones are about to hit the trend. While we still love our ash, clean platinum and muted natural blonde tones and we are sure our clients will too, having a temporary marbleized toner with a hint of mink or soft strawberry copper might be the little change you are looking for!

People get nervous about warmth. Brassy tones are the most dis-liked colours on the colour wheel. We can predict the moment we ask our clients 'What colours/tones don't you like?' The answer is nearly always - brassy tones. The great thing is you can have soft tones of warmth and minimize brass. The extra wonderful thing is, it doesn't have to be a permanent change. You can start off with a temporary change and see how you feel.

Here is some inspiration of warmth, shimmers of rose gold and mink -

Only 2 more sleeps guys!! I'm sure like you, we too are all looking forward to some sun and warmer days!

Happy Tuesday!

Love The Sabúki Girls


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