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So many products to choose from...

Every person we look after is different, it keeps our job exciting, every day different.

We take the time to consult and personalize a look for each of our clients. Our consultations are known to take anything from 5-10 minutes up to how ever long it takes. We are thorough with every consultation and understand the importance of being on the same page as every client we see. During this process we talk about the styling, cut and/or colour. We may show images and talk about variations between looks. From a huge change or the plan to grow hair to a certain length, what ever it may be we always get excited. Hair is everything, it can make you feel so many emotions. We consistently hear, 'If you're having a GREAT hair day, it's a wonderful day!!' We want you to have wonderful hair days!

We believe once you leave the salon, home care and how you look after your hair becomes very important! During our clients' service we talk about the shampoo and conditioner/treatments that we are using, and always show you what styling creams and product we use to assist in creating your look. You hair is an investment and we want to provide you with as much information on how to care for it. We are passionate about the premium products we use and want to share this knowledge with you. We know what other products can do to the longevity of hair colour and condition of hair, then the choice is up to you :-)

If you are looking for advice on why your colour isn't lasting or how to bring hair back to life with radiance and softness or if you can't create the texture you are wanting in your hair style/cut. Then come in and talk with one of the Sabúki Girls, we are happy to share our knowledge on what products may suit and work for you.

We have a wonderful selection of home care products. We are here to help get the best out of your hair!

Happy Hump Day Eve!


The Sabúki Girls xx

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