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We can't get enough of the new System Professional range! Providing tailor made energy codes for each individual client feels so right as we know our clients are getting exactly what they need from their products and hair!

Our Sabúki home positioned in the beautiful Bayside suburb of Melbourne means we do have a high blonde clientele. Something that salon owner Bilie Minio is an expert in and understands extensively.

Having many blonde clients coming in our door means the team must have the best silver toning shampoo available to clients! For those of you who have used the SP Silver Saver understand how fabulous it is! Well......the new System Professional Silver Saver is EVEN BETTER! We believe it's a must to prevent brassy tones and keep our blonde ladies looking the best they can be!

Next time you are in, ask the girls to use it on you. You will definitely notice a difference. The blow wave and finish to you blonde will be even better than you imagine.

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Love The Sabúki Girls

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