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Why should you re-book your hair appointment...

We strongly recommend our clients re-book their hair appointments. Each week we are getting busier and busier, some days we literally have no appointments available to offer. We always endeavour to book our clients in where they need/want, however some days we just can't.

These are some of the reasons why we suggest you to re-book...

1) So our gorgeous clients get their priority time/day that suits.

We live such busy lifestyles and having a booking already in at the time you choose takes the stress off trying to get in last minute with difficultly.

We do offer a 'Wait List'. While we do keep a close eye on this we can't always guarantee.

2) Always keeping your colour looking fresh and hydrated.

Colour has a life expectancy of 6-8 weeks. However this depends on how often you wash your hair and what product you are using in the first place. Generally by the 8 week mark colour has completely faded and blondes can be brassy and grey regrowth is definitely standing out. When our colour is new, we feel fresh and clean.

3) Trim away dry split ends.

Keeping hair cuts regular assists the growth of hair. If we leave split ends they will travel up the hair shaft and cause length to come away from breakage. More frequent hair cuts mean less length coming off each time.

When we offer the re-booking service, take us up on it. We send a text message to help remind you. If it no longer suits it's ok if you need to reschedule or move to another time/day. After all it's good to know when you are roughly due. We love our clients feeling and looking great! For our clients who visit the salon every 4 weeks we offer a Sabúki Salon regular discount. We understand ladies and men who have fast growing hair or high fashion colours that fade like coming in regularly however can become expensive. This is where the regular discount will help make these appointments more affordable!

Don't have a booking? Need one? Give us a call on 95983877 or email with ease through the website at

Have a lovely evening!

Love The Sabúki Girls! X

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