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Are you ready for a 'Hair Makeover'? Let us help be the judge...

Change can be exciting however it can be very scary for some....

We take a few things into consideration before going ahead with changes, working together with our clients to ensure the decision they are making is the best one for them!

1) When our clients mention a change a few appointments in a row

When we consult our clients we take mental notes during our chats. This way we can plan for today and plan for the future. If our clients mention 'A change' we get really excited, however we make sure our clients are ready. If our client backs out of change during their visit, we then take notes and change ideas in their personal file. If we have the same discussion a few visits in a row, then we know our client is ready. Change can come with consequences, if you cut off a lot of length, you obviously can't stick hair back on or if you go dark from being blonde, going back to blonde can be a big process.

2) If our clients come in with a stack of pictures saved on phone

This kind of effort and research implies that there has been many hours thinking about these changes and new styles. If the change takes place, our client will more than likely be really happy they have taken the step. We will then tailor the looks to suit our clients' skin tone, face shape and lifestyle.

3) If our client has survived a significant 'Life changing' experience

The most important thing we look for is that our client has absorbed and digested these changes before jumping into - chopping hair off and colouring jet black. It all comes back to our consultation and helping our clients understand that what ever change we make is the right one for them. After all, we want our clients to feel the best they can feel!!

4) If our clients have had a similar look in the past and loved it

The moment we hear our clients say 'I've had my hair THIS way and LOVED it' We know if jump into the change we can be 100% sure they are going to love it again. There is really no hesitation from us. Just huge excitement!

5) Our clients need to love their hair!

We will never try and 'talk you into or out of' a look. We will always guide you with the most complimentary style and colour to suit your individual needs and appearance. Our job and duty is to be honest and bring out the best in each of our clients. Condition and integrity of our clients' hair is the most important thing. Hair (Colour and Style) is only as good as the condition. Most of all with whatever we do and choose, we are with you all the way!

"If you're having a good hair day, you're having a great day!!"

Have a lovely week people!!

Love The Sabúki Girls!


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