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Why Does Hair Turn Brassy?

It's a question we are consistently asked. Whether you are blonde or shades of brown hair can turn brassy.

There are a number of reasons why this are some.

The Products you use

The shampoo you use could turn your strands brassy. We believe that some shampoos can strip your hair colour. Products with silicone and yellow based products can bring on brassy tones. If you do have blonde or shades of brown and you aren't liking the golden tones, we recommend our clients to use SP Silver Shampo. Don’t get nervous by its purple color—it’s not going to stain your hair violet. These toned shampoos help “counteract” the brassiness that can develop. We recommend you to use the purple shampoo a few times a week. Always cleanse with your normal colour safe shampoo first, then second shampoo with SP Silver Shampoo.

Alternate it with Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Masks specifically for color-treated hair. They’ll help nourish it and ensure your hair looks soft, healthy, hydrated and shiny. Though most of all, assist in longevity of your hair colour!

Pollution and Smoke

It’s not always about the products you’re intentionally putting in your hair. Blonde Hair that takes a yellow tone can be linked to smoking or to air pollutants. Perhaps you have been around someone who smokes, or you may have been exposed to elements in the air, while travelling to the city or a country with high pollution. It's always a good idea to put a leave in protector in your hair.

To prevent brassy tones from happening, we recommend leave in serums such as - SP Luxe Oil, Luxe OIl Keratin Boost or Eimi Perfect Me BB Cream.

Your Shower

Besides the shampoo you’re using, the water coming out of the shower head could be making your hair brassy, too. That is, if it has a high level of mineral deposits. This type of water can cause build-up in your hair, which then dries it out and makes it prone to damage.

Hard water not only leaves mineral deposits in the hair, but it also prevents the penetration and absorption of moisture. Thus leaving hair dry and brassy.

If you feel your water is contributing to your brassiness we would recommend you use a deep cleanser such as SP Shine Define to remove these mineral deposits followed by SP Silver Shampoo every time you wash your hair.

Your Summer Swim Habits

A dip in the pool might be good for your joints, but if you’re doing it regularly for exercise sake, you might want to put on a swim cap, as chlorine isn’t very kind to hair. Swimming for leisure purposes? Just remember that this chemical often damages hair by drying it out, thus changing the color. Chlorine removes natural oils of the hair, causing loss of hair shine and flexibility, as well as making it more susceptible to damage. It can alter the integrity of hair shaft. Once the bonds are broken, hair becomes exposed and weak then the ends of the hairs split. It affects the hair cuticle making it rough and likely to damage or breakage.We have a few suggestions to prevent your colour fading and further damage.

- Before you go into the pool/beach wet your hair down so it is completely saturated. Bone dry hair absorbs everything from the water, dirt, chemicals and most of all chlorine which can turn hair green.

- Apply leave in conditioner to create a barrier. We suggest - SP Bio-Phase lock in Colour Saver. It is a spray and very easy to use.

If you feel your hair is always brassy or fades easily to brassy tones, please come in and chat with one of us. We dislike brassy tones as much as you!! There are many ways to prevent this from happening :-)

Happy Monday Guys, and Have a Great Week!!

Love The Sabúki Girls


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