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Want Shiny Hair? You Can, Here's 3 Natural Ways!

We all want shiny hair! We have our fabulous Sabúki 'Shine Line' technique and the beautiful home care range you can purchase by Wella SP - 'Shine Define'.

There are other ways to assist with the shine in your hair! You might even have these at home right now...

Walnuts -

Rich in Omega oils, walnuts also contain a wealth of biotin and vitamin E, which can prevent cell damage (think natural sunscreen for your hair). Walnuts also contain copper, which is a natural mineral that keeps hair color looking rich. Sprinkle them on fruit, or keep a small bag of them in your purse to snack on.

Avocados -

Avocados have an abundance of omega oils that our bodies don't produce naturally. These oils are essential for creating shiny, strong hair that grows rapidly. In addition, don't be surprised if your skin starts looking younger when you start eating avocados regularly. And Avocado toast makes an amazing breakfast, as you might have heard!

Eggs -

Hair is made up of keratin protein, much like the protein converted from eggs. In addition eggs contain iron, a nutrient that carries oxygen to hair follicles, vitamin D (which can help with hair growth), and healthy fats that maintain suppleness and shine in the hair.

Some interesting thoughts for your Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day people!!


Sabúki Girls xx

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