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4 Sleeps to go!

I thought I'd better touch base with everyone before things get really hectic. With only 4 sleeps to go you can probably imagine the things we need to get done before we open on Thursday. Cleaning, stocking shelves, arranging furniture.....the list goes on and on. It's all fun work though.

I'm pleased to say the first couple of weeks are looking really busy, the girls and I can't wait to start looking after people in the new Sabúki Salon in Sandringham. For us Thursday can't come fast enough.

We are super excited to announce the competition winners on Thursday. We are overwhelmed with the amount of entrants. Thank you to everyone who has entered, best of luck!!! Yippieee, give away time.

I hope today has been a restful Sunday for everyone. I can certainly say it has been for me ;-)

Please stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages for the winners, updates and latest news.

Til next time......Have a lovely Sunday.


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