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Longevity of Your Hair Colour!!

The girls at Sabúki are conscious about how long their clients' colour lasts in their hair. They have many tips and tricks to ensure hair colour lasts as long as possible!!

They would love to share a few with you...

1) Every time you 'wet' your hair it's considered a wash. So if you're a lady who wets your hair every day with or without shampoo keep in mind in the world of Wella it's considered a wash. Try only wetting/washing your hair a couple of times a week as every time your hair gets wet you're rinsing out colour!

2) Heat from hairdryers and irons release hair colour. Always use a heat/thermal protector. If you don't, you're not only damaging your hair you are fading your hair colour. (Brassy tones will show fast and rich deep colours will fade to dull lifeless tones)

3) If you're a swimmer, before you jump into the pool or the ocean, wet your hair. This will prevent hair absorbing dirt and chemicals from the water that can contribute to colour fading to an undesired result. If you want to go the next step in protecting your hair apply a touch of leave in conditioner or conditioning spray on wet hair. This will protect the hair even further. After all - chlorine green hair isn't good for anyone!!

4) (ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT) Don't use supermarket/chemist branded shampoo! They are cheap for a reason. Not only do they remove our colours from your hair, they make colouring your hair difficult too! They leave a silicone coating on the hair which can prevent our gentle colours from penetrating the hair. The result of hair colour can be uncertain and once coloured they can strip all tone, shine and condition out of your hair. We have 1 piece of advice, with professional colour use professional shampoos, conditioners and treaments. They are a match made in heaven!!

If you have any questions about the longevity of your hair colour, the Sabúki Girls would be happy to talk with you!

Happy Monday night!


The Sabúki Girls


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