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From Brass to Beautiful Blonde

Working in Bayside Sandringham is so lovely! Fresh air, close to the beach and lots of lovely Blonde ladies walking around. Being blonde myself, I know how important it is to wear the right shade of blonde. The spectrum of blonde tones are endless and the wrong tone can be horrendous for anyone. Our job is to analyse skin colour, natural hair, imagine and recommend complimentary shades for our clients.

Many ladies have come to us for their first visit and common concerns are brassiness and health/condition of their hair. There are two things we can not recommend high enough......WELLA Silver Saver Toning Shampoo and treat treat treat. There are many reasons why hair is or can become brassy, (Just to name a few) not lifting hair correctly or using the wrong tone in tint - The list goes on and on.....

We are definitely blonde specialists. Our priority is the condition and integrity of your hair. We believe colour is only as good as the condition we are working on. If your hair is seriously damaged we will do everything in our power to get your hair back on track. This may mean a couple of visits working on condition first and colour second. There's nothing like a beautiful head of blonde hair. (Actually any colour for that matter!!)

We specialise in both Style Cuts and Beautiful Colour Work! Using premium colour brand Wella is the key to our beautiful colours. I have used Wella for a life time, the results speak for themselves. The blonde tones and lifting power is incredible. Soft, rich, clean and luxurious.

If you are in need of some Blonde Love - The Sabúki Girls are the ones for you!!

Have a lovely Sunday!!


Bilie x

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