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Do you need Heat or Thermal Protection?

Everyone wants healthy hair. There are many ways to assist health in your hair. Firstly week look at the factors of why hair is or is becoming damaged. Whether it is too much colour, colouring hair too frequently or changing hair colour from one extreme to another. Or whether its environmental or hot styling tool damage. All of the above factors contribute to some form of damage.

One thing we apply to every single client we look after is a heat or thermal protector. We always dry or blow wave our clients' hair during their service.

You might be asking yourself 'What is the difference between Heat Protection and Thermal Protection?' Heat protector is applied on damp hair when only a hairdryer is being used. Most hair dryers heat to a certain level. We consider hot tongs, flat irons and curling wands as 'thermal heat'. This heat is much hotter than just a hair dryer on it's own. Even more protection is needed with these tools.

Some people aren't keen on applying a serum or a cream before drying and styling hair, fearing it will weigh it down. We think the complete opposite, these products can be a light as you need them to be. They can assist in holding a nice style in the hair too, and can be a preventative for premature colour fading. Heat can push colour out of the hair too.

So before you dry or style your hair, apply protection. We recommend SP - Luxe Oil, Keratin Boost or Eimi - Thermal Image or BB Lotion. Think of how hot the hair can get, it needs protection!

Have a lovely week guys!

Love The Sabúki Girls.


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