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We've had the best 8 weeks!

Sabúki salon has been open for 8 weeks now, the time has flown. The say "Time flies when you're having fun"!!

We are all loving it! Looking after familiar faces, meeting new clients and then meeting their extended families. It's been great!

Every day is different. Maintaining beautiful styles, creating fresh looks or changing people's hair completely. It keeps our job exciting and interesting. Knowing we can make a clients day, make them feel amazing or give them the lift they are needing. For us it's a very special feeling. Something us Hairdressers never get tired of.

If you're in need of some "Hair Loving" give the salon a call or pop in for a complimentary consultation. The sky is the limit with hair. It can really turn an average day into a GREAT day - Where you look and feel fabulous!

Happy Sunday night,

Love Sabúki Girls xx

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