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First week done and dusted!

I couldn't have wished for a better start for Sabúki Salon!

We hit the ground running Thursday morning. I was so excited and a little anxious at the same time. We all wanted to ensure things ran as smooth as possible. Brand new business and new clients to look after. Within the first hour Jacinta said to me....."Bil, it just feels natural" From that moment I felt this relief come over me. The first hour went fast and the day flew. Fair to say we all had a fabulous day!

Sandringham is a friendly and busy little precinct. Some of the local shop owners popped in during the week to introduce themselves and say "hi". I can certainly say our first impression has been welcoming and we all have a nice positive feeling!

We look forward to next week......can't come fast enough haha!!

We hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


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