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Marbleized Toning - Sabúki Salon Technique

Very rarely do we use one toner on our clients.

We marbelize a toner for many reasons...

- To create a natural finish

- To enhance different areas of our Hair Cuts - For EG. Draw attention to fringe areas, or different layers through the back

- To blend many colours together in a very interesting way

More reasons why - We believe long hair hair been through many years of washing, drying and colouring. Older hair processes colour differently. Sometimes hair can absorb toner extremely well, then other times hair can become quite resistant to taking on any toner at all. We make a full assessment during consultation and make decisions based on how hair looks, feels, what products are being used at home and by asking full history.

This type of toner can also be a fun and nice way to introduce exciting or bright colours in a subtle way. Just because the actual colour is bold doesn't mean your whole hair needs to be. We can introduce these fun colours to you in a gentle way.

If you have wanted a hint of a tone though have been too nervous taking on a change - talk to us about different ways we can introduce a touch. The fabulous thing is - it doesn't have to be permanent, it can be just for fun!!

Have a lovely Hump Day!

Love The Sabúki Girls


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