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Melrose Street, Sandringham

Our little Street in Sandringham is a busy one! At one end we have the hustle and bustle of commuters to and from the train and the other is a blissful view of the Sandringham Beach.

We are all so suprised as to how busy Melrose Street is. Sandringham is a friendly little village. We have the beautiful toy shop across the road, with a lovely view of wind toys blowing around the front. There is a book store with every book inside you can think of. A gorgeous home wares store on the corner with a nice assortment of candles and beautiful home decorations and our favorite place to go on a Thursday night is Hobsons, for a quick bite and wine after a busy day.

The girls and I feel so welcomed! Sandringham is such a lovely place to come to work every day. We already have our weekly ladies who come in for their Blow Wave. We look forward to seeing the familiar faces on a weekly basis. Looking after all of the new clients is so exciting. We seem to be doing a lot of changes on people. It's a wonderful feeling when our clients put their trust in us to create. We love seeing beautiful hair in Bayside!

If you ever come to Melrose Street Sandringham, please come in Sabuki Salon and say 'Hi'

Have a lovely Monday, love Sabúki Girls xx

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