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Sabúki.....Where did the name come from?

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Many questions have been asked, 'Where are you opening? When are you opening? Will you be colouring hair again?' The answer is YES I will definitely be looking after clients again, and can't wait! The list of questions goes on and on...... The common question people are asking me is 'Where did the name Sabúki come from?' came about after a long night sitting with my sister Nadene. We decided on this night we were going to come up with a name. In the end we came up with absolutely nothing.

The next morning my sister casually walks by the kitchen and says to me 'How about Sabúki Salon?' I jumped, I loved it from that moment. Nadene had come up with it out of nowhere woke at 3:02am, wrote it down then went back to sleep. We both thought we had better research the actual meaning of the word. Thankfully the meaning wasn't rude or a word for a vegetable. (BTW I love vegetables haha) It was eerily too perfect.

In short the meaning - Sabúki - Big sister figure, who has a giving nature. Loves working with people, is a mentor and enjoys creative expression. Readily to do good works by looking after people.

As soon as I read the meaning I knew it was right. It reflects the person I am and who I like to work and be around.

I really hope the next week and a half goes fast, can't wait for the first day!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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